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And then at the Ballpark

August 4, 2014

Written by Marykate O’Malley, mother of three wonderful children, Gladwyne PA


On Monday morning you will be wearing your black pencil skirt, practical yet stylish kitten heels, with a cardigan and pearls. But on Saturday night at the Phillies game you are donning a Philly Phantic hat. Which is a stuffed animal Philly Phanatic. On your head. And it is green. And your friends have matching ones.

On Tuesday afternoon, you will be presenting to clients on your market share, and stock projection, flipping through each crisp slide with ease and confidence. But on Saturday you are doing the wave, eating food with yellow rubbery cheese for $20 a pop and holding that cute baby while dancing for the camera technicians.


photo 3


There are cultures and subcultures. At the ball game you can wear a stuffed animal on your head, paint your face red and white, eat food that isn’t really food, and it is okay. Expected even. You can jump up and down in your seat and yell and wave your hands in the air like you don’t care when they come around with the cannon that shoots hot dogs into the stands. And if you catch one, do your victory dance. And it is good.


photo 4

Philadelphia is a historical city. There is the history of the Philly Phanatic… 


photo 3 (1)

There are Christmas and New Year’s Eve Phanatics. Golfers as well.


You see tomorrow all of this could change. All these people in your life are a gift. Even the ones that challenge you. Especially the ones that challenge you because they are your best teachers. They are teaching you forgiveness and strength you never knew you had.

This is the great secret – life is fleeting. There are no guarantees. So wear your jersey and your green plush hat, eat the playdough cheese for $20 and do the wave, every time it comes to your section. If nothing else because on Monday, you will be wearing a pencil shirt and functional heels, and flipping through slides.


photo 2



In the house that is our home is the subculture of the Lego village. And in the peaceful village where Lego friends, Disney princesses, fairies and Mario people coexist in a suburban utopia, there is a girl name Emma. And her Dad is Chase Utley. I think Emma needs a Philly Phanatic hat. And a cannon to shoot hot dogs to the Barbies.






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  1. Maggie Wurster

      on March 4, 2015 7:50 am

    -mom great job on the post!!


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