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Attitude of Gratitude & the Rainbow Loom

July 2, 2013

Written by Marykate O’Malley, mother of three wonderful children, Gladwyne, PA


ready for ice cream donning the bracelets

I try to live every day with gratitude. You know how people have core beliefs – this is a big one for me. Some days it is easier than others. But I believe and truly try to live by giving thanks and praise in all things. All things. All things is the hard part and like anything truly worth it – the hardest things are usually the most rewarding. I have this little trick when things seem to be looking dismal or I am feeling lack – I start my own mental gratitude list. It always begins with my children. That is an easy one. And then health, another easy one. And then it can be anything really – clean water, a home, friends, my sister, the privilege to live in the United States. You get the idea. And it works every time. Pollyanna I know but I prefer it this way.

So when I asked my soon to be nine year old what she wanted for her birthday, she replied that she didn’t know. And then said, “Mom, I kind of have everything I need. I can’t really think of anything”. At first I was wondering if it was some ploy but then remembered. She has always been like this. Maybe it is genetic.  Her Christmas lists usually have only a few items. I can take her shopping and she will leave with two, three items tops – okay, that is not from me! I have a point to all of this and the point is – that when this child asks for something – I don’t care what it is – or how I need to get it – she is getting it. When she gives me that one golden item – I get my Mom on and I deliver.

Days pass – still no requests. Then one day – she has it – the Rainbow Loom. I think – easy. All the kids running around with the woven bracelets. If this hasn’t hit your area yet it will, be prepared. I ask a friend whose daughter has it and she tells me Lucky Duck toys. I stop at Lucky Duck Toys and ask the person behind the counter. And immediately all three people behind the counter know. And not in a good way.
“Yes, we have been calling the manufacturer. Yeah, I don’t know we are trying to get it. Everyone is asking for it”. I am processing. This is like silly bands. Supply and demand – less demand to feed the frenzy. Brilliant. They are brilliant! “Where can I get it”?  I ask casually trying to mask my desperation. I must get this for her! I must! They direct me to Learning Express, at the mall. Gulp. You must know I don’t like malls. Not even a little bit.

So I try Michael’s because it’s not at the mall and again – “oh yes, everyone has been asking for that”…. Then I get a tip from another friend. Kids Korner has a wait list. No, I am not falling for that. I lived through the Cabbage Patch craze – waited in the lines. I am going to the source – the mother of all guarantees I order. And wait. And every day I am asked when the Rainbow Loom is coming. And then my friend tells me that they came in at Kids Korner. Of course they did. And I am waiting. And being asked when it will arrive by sweet sweet appreciative daughter. And my inner Mom is saying “maybe I will go to Kids Korner and then return it when it arrives from amazon”. But I know if I go to Kids Korner they will probably have burned through their wait list and it should be coming tomorrow and if I take the kids to Kids Korner there they are going to want frozen yogurt which is next door and I just started dinner…

And one day it arrives. From heaven. And my daughter has not stopped weaving for weeks. My son loves it. My nephews love it. I love it because it accounts for hours of artistic fun. She makes bracelets for friends, and cousins and grand-moms, and me. And you better believe I wear them. I don’t care where you are going or what you are doing –  if your child puts a sticker on your top or makes you a bracelet, you better wear it. Like a badge of honor.

I am here to tell you, if your child has not asked for this yet they probably will. The child who asks for nothing asked for it. So you may as well get it soon, or get on a wait list. You can thank me later and add it to your own gratitude list – I am so thankful Marykate gave me the heads up about the Rainbow Loom…

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