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What I’ll Miss About Michigan…

August 9, 2012
We pack up in 2 days and drive back to Connecticut after a fabulous 4 weeks in …read more

Beachy Crafty Fun

July 17, 2012
written by Cathy Baker, mom of two amazing girls, from Missouri We just got …read more

Michigan Summer

July 12, 2012
Summer comes eternally late for the East Coast – our school didn’t …read more

America the Beautiful:National Parks

June 19, 2012
written by Cathy Baker, mom of two amazing girls, from Missouri In case you did …read more

Summertime Kids: Travel (and Coupon Code!)

June 12, 2012
written by Cathy Baker, mom of two amazing girls, from Missouri We’ve …read more

Meet Me In St. Louis

March 29, 2012
written by Cathy Baker, mom of two amazing girls, from Missouri Around here it …read more

College Campus as Weekend Playground

March 22, 2012
Here’s what we’ve been doing on our free weekends: 1)Pack the car …read more

Disney Travel Tips

February 22, 2012
Written by Contributing Writer, Sarah Farthing. Our boys were lucky enough to …read more

Adding a NEW State!

February 15, 2012
Several years ago I posted this idea for keeping track of the states that each …read more

Team Farmer Goes To Washington

January 19, 2012
Team Farmer celebrated the Martin Luther King, Jr. weekend with a roadtrip to …read more

Inspiration Travel

January 11, 2012
Written by Cathy Baker, mom of 2 beautiful girls from Missouri I don’t know …read more

One Glorious Florida Day…

January 3, 2012
  Whew!  We had one glorious day and I had to tell you all about it! We …read more

On Florida Time…

December 29, 2011
I apologize about the relaxed posting schedule this week… Team Farmer is …read more

One Weekend in Maine…

September 7, 2011
Our last hurrah of summer was a weekend trip up to Maine. I can’t think …read more

The Drive Home… and WINNER!

August 24, 2011
The Winner of the Organized Family Menu Planner is #50 Christy! Congrats! We …read more


June 30, 2011
Here’s my announcement: I have rented our home to a wonderful family from …read more


June 28, 2011
Written by Contributing Writer, Sarah Farthing We enjoyed several days in the …read more

For Daddio: A Coleman Instant Tent

June 16, 2011
Happy Father’s Day Week of Giveaways! Today’s giveaway is both …read more

For Daddio: the Ivar Revel G2

June 14, 2011
Happy Father’s Day Week of Giveaways!! I’m having the time of my …read more

Amazing Places To Take Your Kids…

June 9, 2011
Written by Contributing Writer, Sarah Farthing If you are in need of a great …read more

Travel Tips for Tots

May 31, 2011
Written by Contributing Writer, Sarah Farthing My twin boys had their first …read more

Atlantic Ultra LITE

May 5, 2011
Written by Contributing Writer, Sarah Farthing I love to travel. Over the last …read more

Melissa & Doug Trunki Winner!

March 26, 2011
And the winner of the Melissa & Doug Trunki was #38 Patricia! Congrats!! If …read more

Meet Trunki (Giveaway!)

March 21, 2011
I saw this at Toy Fair and my jaw just dropped at the genius behind it.  Then …read more

TravelKiddy (Giveaway!)

March 14, 2011
Happy Spring Forward Monday to you!  I hope you were able to get enough sleep&#…read more

Deep in the Heart of Texas

March 9, 2011
Written by Contributing Writer, Sarah Farthing During our stay in Texas my …read more

The Hyatt Hill Country, San Antonio – WOW!

March 8, 2011
Written by Contributing Writer, Sarah Farthing After four years of always …read more

Briggs & Riley BRX Wide Body Luggage (Giveaway!)

March 7, 2011
This is a biggie, friends! Are you planning travel for your upcoming Spring …read more

Airboating the Everglades!

January 25, 2011
I’ve been wanting to share about our airboating adventure through the …read more

7 Things That Should Not Happen When You Travel with Your Adorables

January 19, 2011
Yesterday was a comedy of errors for me. Unfortunately, the crying kind. And …read more

We Canoe, Can You?

January 4, 2011
We canoed among the waters in Florida whilst we were there and it was splendid. …read more

A Spectacular Light Show…

November 9, 2010
I’m a tad bit embarrassed to admit we’re back at Disney World for a …read more

The Greatest Show on Earth!

October 28, 2010
This past weekend, the Running Man and I took the adorables to Ringling Bros/…read more

Corn Maze USA

October 21, 2010
The past weekend my family toured a corn maze and had the time of our lives! …read more

Autumn at the Arboretum

September 15, 2010
I can’t even believe we’re here in fall already, but I have to tell …read more

Lobster Spree

September 8, 2010
If you’re ever in South Thomaston, Maine, I highly recommend this place: …read more

Tarry Here…

August 4, 2010
Howdy Folks! Welcome to the Tarryall River Ranch in Lake George, Colorado about …read more

Rocky Mountain Ranch High

August 3, 2010
Huge surprise for The Running Man took place last week… About a year ago, …read more

Hills Of Africa…

July 27, 2010
Okay, let’s pretend we aren’t in a recession right now and we have time and …read more

Ahhh… Michigan

July 7, 2010
Here’s what I think: Lake in Michigan (or anywhere, on second thought) = …read more

Our Fourth of July

July 6, 2010
I hope you had an excellent Fourth of July!  We traveled to Michigan to visit …read more

Road Trip Fun!

June 2, 2010
First, a HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my elder adorable who turns 5 today!  Seriously, …read more

Multi-Family Vacations Start Here

May 26, 2010
Are you planning a multi-family gathering this summer?  You’ll need lots …read more

MVW: Gettysburg

April 28, 2010
A happy Mini-Vacation Wednesday to you! The past weekend we finished the Face …read more

MVW: Road Trip From Boise

April 21, 2010
Feeling like a road trip this summer?  Make your way to Boise, Idaho and take …read more


April 17, 2010
We’re down in Naples, Florida visiting the Running Man’s parents …read more

MVW: Epcot’s Flower and Garden Festival

April 14, 2010
I’m a little abashed to admit we’re back at Disney for a few days …read more

MVW: College Town, USA

April 7, 2010
Happy Mini-Vacation Wednesday to you! This past Saturday, Team Farmer kidnapped …read more

MVW: The Staycation

March 31, 2010
If the beach is not in your vacation plans… I think I’m late to the …read more

MVW: Santa Monica, CA

March 24, 2010
That’s Mini-Vacation Wednesday for you!  Today we’re headed to …read more
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