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Cute Valentine Bookmarks

February 5, 2014

As a non-creative person, I am SUPER grateful for the creativity of others.

I call this “not re-inventing the wheel”.

I was looking around Pinterest for cute classroom Valentine ideas and I found these adorable FREE printables from



I printed her gorgeous PDF onto cardstock (there are 5 per sheeet), used my handy-dandy paper cutter, and dove into my ribbon drawer that hasn’t been touched since the Spice Girls were still together, and VOILA:



Valentines is done.

Now I’ll probably add candy to this since my adorables poo-poo any Valentines without candy.

Many thanks to for sharing this FREE printable.  Go check her site out – I also adored this Valentine Scrabble board:


Do you have any creative ideas for Valentines?

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  1. Marykate Wurster

      on February 6, 2014 7:46 pm

    You are SO crafty! That is crafty! I am not crafty either – my sister got all the crafty genes :) I can package a gift beautifully but that is the extent of it!


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