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I wish I could bottle this energy..

May 20, 2009

When the adorables are crabby and inconsolable, I grab the eeBoo Tot Tower blocks and build a quick scraper. Then they run and knock it down and with that destruction, I have a whole new, happy kid. It’s kind of remarkable really…


Tip: You can’t see them, but there a large numbers on the top of these, 1-10.  If you buy other sets, make sure they have numbers on them (many don’t) and yes, you can put them back together without them, but in your end-of-day-mother-fog, it’s a heck of a lot easier with the numbers there. Trust me.

Another Tip: I have 2 adorables, and hence, 2 sets.  They are fighting over them as I type this.  If you buy different brands (say eeboo for one and then from a different company), it’s possible that the blocks will be different sizes and then can be combined to build a mighty 6 foot tower.  Oh the fun; oh the destruction.

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