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Home Tour: Stair Rails

March 21, 2014

written by Cathy Baker, mom of two sweet tweens

A friend posted a few stair rail ideas on pinterest one day, and I was in awe at the creativity out there! Because let’s face it, there are stairs with stair rails, and then… there are stair rails that are works of art!

So, come tour with me, and appreciate the beauty and creativity of these masterpieces…

stair rail

I love nature, so this stair rail would make me smile every time I had to use it.


boat ties and ropes for stair rails

These ones are for my future beach house. You know, when I win the lottery I never play.

 cool stairs & railings

If I only had a cabin in the mountains! Love this stair rail! I also adore that wall!

 Stairs may serve a utilitarian purpose, but this breath-taking set of treads by UK-based Atmos Studio takes it to new heights. Designed as part of a residential project, the stairs seem to come alive as it turns the corner, unravelling sculptural elements that organically encase and animate the transitional space

Wow, those curves. I can’t stop looking at them. You can see more views of it here @ Treehugger.


Stained glass integrated with steel, not so sure about this particular design, though

Oh, the way the sun shines through this stair rail. Stunning. I would definitely have a reading chair facing the stairs!


Creative Tonic loves the fabulous subtle white plaster by the AMAZING Segreto Finishes and their delicate attention to detail on the custom stair rail... sublime!

The breathtaking elegance. Truly, a masterpiece. My eyes can’t help but keep being drawn to it!


Love the stair rails

 Simple, repeating pattern. I love it!


Chic Stair Railing / The English Room Blog

These are  a bit more modern style, and I love all the character they adds to this space.


I wonder how long this stair rail took to make. So intricate.

Stair railing

Every staircase so unique.  As I said earlier, masterpieces in their own right.

I hope you enjoyed this tour with me! Thanks for stopping by! Which one was your favorite?

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