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Mom’s Spa Day (and my new secret obsession)

September 3, 2013

Written by Marykate O’Malley, mother of three wonderful children, Gladwyne PA

Allow me to explain my most recent spa experience: I was at the beach with my beautiful children. They dug a large hole by the water’s edge and coaxed me to sit in it and visit their “spa”. They ran back and forth from the ocean and poured cold sea water on me. Then my son grabbed large round stones and “massaged” my back. The next service involved wet sand being drizzled on my legs and feet. And although I recognized how adorable the spa was, a single thought was pulsing through my mind – I need a Mom’s Spa Day. A real Mom’s spa day.

And let’s face it ladies, Moms are busy and usually not ones to pamper ourselves. I come from a long line of “putting everyone else first” mothers. When I left the hospital with my oldest, a tiny newborn swaddled in my arms, a nurse at Greenwich Hospital repeated to me, “Listen, I can see how you are, take care of yourself first! Nap when she naps! Get the rest you need!” And 9 years later I look back and think – Was she correct? Absolutely. Did I heed her advice? No, like never, not at all. Maybe it’s a problem. So usually my pampering time is forced by the looming expiration of a spa certificate (I have an aversion to wasting anything) or desperation as in I feel carpal tunnel setting in from being on a computer all day.

Here are my Busy Mom Pampering Tips:

Tied to the house? Can’t get away? Like any SMART goals (specific, measureable, achievable, realistic and time specific) a mom’s spa day needs to have key characteristics to make it successful. Trying to get away for the weekend to Canyon Ranch isn’t realistic and achievable for most Moms. But drawing the bath with revitalizing bath salts after the kids are tucked in bed with a good book is achievable. Think small increments for success – take one spa “treatment” a week at home. That is an achievable and time measurable goal girls!

Here are some of my favorite product for some Mom Spa time:

  • I love all things Zoet Bathlatier, an local artisan line of bath and body care. My favorites? The Lily and Lilac candle which recently won “Best of the Main Line”, Sweet Orange and Ylang Ylang moisturizer and the Rose Berry lip balm.
  • I recently discovered Arbonne and love their line of SeaSource – all natural, detoxifying products for hair and body. I love the hair mask and rescue wash.
  • I also love Jafra’s spa line. My favorites – their bath salts and Ginger and Seaweed body wash – it smells fresh and light.
  • And my new secret discovery which (of course) I will share with you… Lean in, closer, can you hear me? Delivre!

I have tried every facial moisturizer – from La Mer to Olay and everything in between. And despite what I pay I really don’t see a difference. Until Delivre – it is certified organic and made of essential oils, botanicals, proteins and polyfulmate’s (which I don’t really understand, always more of a Humanities chick). All I know is – it works! I can honestly say that after a couple weeks of using this I see a visible difference in my skin – something I have never been able to say. The lip balm is also divine and smooth and feels wonderful. They have new products which will be hitting the market – eye serum, body wash and more – lucky us! Click here for more information.



Busy Mom Spa Idea:

Many moons ago when I lived in Manhattan my idea of pampering was stopping at Susan Ciminelli in the divinely exquisite Bergdorf Goodman for a facial and massage. I would exit the Zen-like ambiance of the spa onto busting 5th Avenue and worry about the pollutants from the yellow cabs and city buses dirtying my oh so clean and polished skin. This is before children girls. These are the things I worried about. I’ve changed. Like a lot.

I recently discovered Massage Envy – they have locations across the country and offer spa membership services (remember those SMART goals ladies!). When you sign up you are offered monthly spa services at a very reasonable price. And when I think back to that darling nurse years ago – it is so important to be kind to ourselves and to take the time to recharge. As mothers who by our nature always give, give, give it is also vital to receive.

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1 Comment »

  1. Cathy Baker

      on September 4, 2013 11:10 am

    Awe, a spa day. How nice would that be! Thanks for the suggestions, I’ll have to check out some of these products!


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