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{Organizing} The CD Project

February 12, 2013

We are skiing in Beaver Creek, Colorado this week – more on that later in the week. The boys had their first day of ski school today and promptly passed out at 6:30 pm. I’m hoping to make it to 8:30, but I can’t make any promises.
So if I fall asleep in the middle of this, you’ll know why.

A couple weeks ago I crossed a little organizing project off my list. The list is miles long and it amuses me when I merely rewrite the list intact from week to week.

First I collected all the CDs from storage, from the basement, from my car and placed them all on the dining room table.

2 funny things happened during this project:

1) an adorable who was over for a playdate stepped into the room and stated (for real): “What are those?”  Am I really this late on this project that a 5-year-old doesn’t even know what a CD is?  It’s not like I had a table full of 8 tracks.  But I digress…

2) I rediscovered all my old music!  I previously underestimated the music of the 90’s, but the Wallflowers, Jackopierce – who, incidentally are still touring!, Indigo Girls, etc have been playing nonstop at our house ever since.

I apologize for the blurriness of this photo – I think I had 6 kids over for a playdate this day and well, everything was disjointed.

I bought a Case Logic CD/DVD Wallet 336-Disc Capacity and started filling.

After a few hours, my table was reduced to this:

and I sent 3 huge garbage bags full of empty cases out to recycling.  Gratifying!

What projects do you have on your list?

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1 Comment »

  1. Marykate Wurster

      on February 13, 2013 9:48 pm

    I did this too a few months ago and it felt so good. Love completing those organizing projects!


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