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Pirates* invade Damariscotta, ME

June 16, 2009

*The non-Somalian kind; think “Aaaarrrrr”.

The Great American Roadtrip, Part 4? 5? I’ve lost count…


The real reason we scampered about Maine for several days was so we could join some pirates fer some pillagin an’ invadin roundabout Damariscotta on Saturday the 13th.


The pirates sailed into the harbor with cannons firing at high noon.


The townspeople protected the shore, muskets firing – the adorables were shrieking with delight.


Then the pirates rowed ashore and the mayhem ensued.


After a swordfight that my eldest adorable is still trying to reenact, the pirates robbed the bank.  Now don’t worry, this entire affair was a fundraiser for underprivileged kids. An’ a lot of fun for us landlubbers.

So mark you calendars for this time next year: I didn’t even have room to show you the bazaar, the bounce houses, the treasure hunt, etc.  Keep yer eyes ta sea’ard, matey!

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