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Proud To Be An American…

July 1, 2009

Oh how I love these United States. With the Fourth of July around the corner, let’s get to reading in celebration of this great nation of ours.

1. Our 50 States: A Family Adventure Across America

This book makes me want to visit every nook and cranny of our states. Gorgeous illustrations by the same illustrator (Robin Preiss Glasser) who created Fancy Nancy for all of us. Packed full of info and tidbits.

2. The American Revolution for Kids: A History with 21 Activities (For Kids series)
More for older kids (or really old kids like me), this 160-page wonder is full of different topics that tell the story of our Revolution in an interesting way. Personally, I learned a LOT from this book, but the adorables might have to wait a while. Has many activities for kids too.

3. This Land Is Your Land
This is a beautifully illustrated book that shares the song that we all used to sing in grade school. The illustrations are folksy and compliment the song perfectly.

4. You’re a Grand Old Flag
Words to the song illustrated by Norman Rockwell art. What’s better or more American Pie than that?

5. Pledge Of Allegiance 2001
This book is $3.99 and it’s worth it. Beautiful photographs, nice layout, and a great way to teach the Pledge.

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