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RingStix: Outdoor Games

July 18, 2013

written by Cathy Baker, mom of two sweet tweens

It’s definitely more fun to be outside when you have things to do!  Earlier this summer, I introduced you to slacklining — we’ve had fun with this in our backyard and on our camping trips this summer!

There’s also this game called Boochie — we’ve had this game since the girls were 5 years old and they STILL love to play it (ages 10 & 12)!! It’s silliness and fun all rolled into one! I highly recommend it!

But today, I want to introduce you to the RingStix Game!! You’ll have to check out the RingStix website for some videos that show you the game in action!

Ringstix was kind enough to provide me with both the adult (pro) and kid (lite) versions of this game to test out! My girls have enjoyed both of them, but tend to pick up the lite version more often, probably because of all the fun colors! It’s also a bit smaller and lighter, which may be easier for their smaller hands.

This has been a really fun toss game to just throw into the car when we are heading somewhere — camping, vacation, beach, park.  The Pro version also has a glow in the dark ring, so you could play in the dark too. How fun!

This game is easy to learn, but challenging enough to keep it interesting.  Adults and kids alike have had fun playing with it this summer. Here are some action shots I snapped on my phone…

I would point out that the Pro Version comes with its own bag to keep it in, which is definitely nice to have!! But you can also buy the bag at for only $5.99 too if you want to get the lite version for kiddos. Definitely worth it!

So if you’re needing an activity to help beat some summer boredom, or just want to add some extra fun (and sneak in some exercise!), you can’t beat the price for only $15!!

A word to the wise…if you are playing near trees and happen to get your ring stuck in the tree, don’t use your ringstix stix to try and knock it out… But if you do, a pool noodle will come in handy to knock the sitx out of the tree too!

So what outdoor games does your family enjoy in the summertime? I still love these giant game versions too!

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