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Upcycling T-Shirts

March 15, 2012

Written by Cathy Baker, mom of two amazing girls, from Missouri

Usually, in my house, when we no longer want a t-shirt, I simply cut it up and use it for rags.  Until recently. Now my rag pile is shrinking because I have discovered all of these fun things to make with an old t-shirt!  In fact, I may be stopping at a few garage sales this spring just to see if I can find some old t-shirts to upcycle!

Look at these amazing scarves! And get this…my favorite part (besides the cuteness)… no sewing!!! Simply cut, stretch, wrap!

{source: Ette Sudios}

My sister and I made the above scarves over Christmas…Here is a pic of my girls, niece, and their American girl dolls all modeling their new scraves…

I haven’t tried this scarf yet, but I think it’s really adorable!

{source: The DIY Dish}

This scarf literally takes two minutes to make…I think this little girl’s smile sells this scarf!

{Source: My World Made By Hand}

I’ve already made several of these really cute headbands. And since my daughter only wants to pull her hair up in a ponytail right now– these are super cute for her hair! Hint: I found the ‘sleeves’ on the t-shirt are a good length for these headbands.

{source: Tripping Over Joy – She also has pics of same idea with bracelets, rings, etc}

This one does involve some simple sewing, but I think it’s so cute. It’s definitely on the list of projects to try and make with my ‘tween girls!

{source (and directions!): Cut Out and Keep}

A ball of t-shirt yarn, oh the unlimited possibilities…

{source: Craft Passion}

Look at this cute rug, easily made by weaving t-shirt yarn around a hula-hoop!

{source: Family Fun}

Here’s a tutorial for a latch-hook t-shirt rug.

Cute (and practical!) shopping or beach bags!

{source: More Design Please}

And for those cute four-legged friends in your life…another new-sew project.

{source: Craft Bits}

I actually made one of these as a teenager of some of my old t-shirts. It’s a bit more involved – but if you have some of your child’s favorite shirts, you might want to consider making this special memory quilt for them…

{Source: Cheap Chic Home}

I continue to be simply amazed at the creativity of others! I hope you are inspired to think twice before throwing away another old t-shirt!

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  1. Sid dawson

      on March 15, 2012 12:30 pm

    Love these!


  2. Mary C

      on March 18, 2012 12:47 pm

    My college-age daughter loves the quilt we had made from her numerous dance studio and dance team t-shirts. She enjoyed picking out the matching fabric for the back and border. She loved the personal touches that the talented quilt-maker suggested, including using her high school uniform skirt and her audition number from a TV-dance competition.


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