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We're talking mulch today… (it's better than you think)

May 28, 2009


Have you spread your fertilizer and mulch yet?  If not, look for cocoa mulch.  I’ve been trying to find it around these parts for years, and finally I did.  Cocoa mulch is made from the shells of the cocoa bean.  It’s gorgeous and GREAT mulch.  I borrowed a friend’s truck and brought home 20 bags – about a full truckbed full.  It’s very un-Greenwich to cart and spread your own mulch, but I love to do it – it’s like taking a bath in chocolate.

Get real close to your screen:


Even closer –


Now scratch and sniff your screen.  It’s like a thousand chocolate bars.

Spread it really thick (like 3 or 4 inches) and you’ll have fewer weeds and it works to keep the moisture in the ground.

Plus, it looks pretty and finishes your garden.


Disclaimer: If you have a dog, you probably want to find another type of mulch.   The jury is still out, but a few dogs have eaten this and taken ill or worse.

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