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5th Graders’ Advice for Living “Happily Ever After”

October 24, 2013

written by Cathy Baker, mom of two sweet tweens, and happily married to my CSI guy for 19 years

My 5th grade daughter’s teacher is getting married in a few weeks.  So I had another teacher help me out and had the kids write their advice on how to live “happily ever after…”! I am planning to compile them all into a book for her.

I couldn’t help but smile, laugh, and say ‘awe’ to some of their responses. Hope you enjoy reading them too!

(I left their spelling mistakes alone, because I think it’s cute!)…

  • In order to live happily ever after you should get married in a teira and glass slippers. Just be careful though! They might break and cut your feet! Or you could grow your hair really, really, really long and sit in a window sill at the top of a tower and let him climb your hair to save you.
  • …go on a few dates every once and awhile. You should also open up to your husband.
  • try not to get mad, insted love them.
  • …have fun with your husband and four boys. Give them hugs and kisses. Give them everything they want (but don’t spoil them!).
  • My advice for living happily ever after is to be open with your husband. Share your fun times and bad. Share your feelings and I bet you will feel a lot better. Also share with your family.
  • …only have as many kids as you can handle.
  • In order to live happily ever after you should stay together. You can’t never see each other! Go on dates every once in awhile. It’s not all about work, which TOTALLY stresses you out sometime. But of course, you don’t ALWAYS have to spend time with each other. Devote some time to everything!!
  • … and if he starts talking about crazy stuff, change the topic.
  • … you should give him hugs and kiss, cook for him and don’t be talking on the phone and let him do every thing.
  • Ways to live happily ever after is to be really nice to him and Mr. B needs to open doors and pull out your chair.
  • … buy a castle with lots of knights and peasants and a dragon named Sam.
  • In order to live happily ever after you should buy each other expensive stuff and go out to fancey restraunts and give each other personal space.
  • …follow your dreams and never get strest!!
  • If you want to live happily ever after you should be nice to your husband, at least go to Mexico with him, buy a HUGE car. It will make it AMAZING. But that’s all I can think of, I’m only 10!
  • My advice for living happily ever after is to go on dates every once and awhile, go by each other rules, buy each other expensive things, do things with each others families and friends and go on vacations with each other.
  • …espeicially don’t fight over the TV.
  • My advice for living happily ever after is keeping your house clean.
  • …give your husband XOXOXOXO
  • My advice for living happily ever after is to be nice to your husband, pay a mansien, don’t devorse, be a “Steelers Mom”, know the players on the Steelers, be nice to your kids, and have a great time with Mr. B!
  • don’t stain your wedding dress purple and never say potato out loud.
  • In order to  live happily ever after, you should give Mr. B hugs and kisses! You should be kind to one another. My advice is NEVER fight.
  • …go on dates every once in a while and have family dinners.
  • …make sure you keep the house clean for your husband when he comes come! He will love you until the end of the earth!
  • My advice for living happily ever after is to do things together and have constant conversations. Also be open to your husband so that you and Mr. B can help each other if you are in a rough spot in the road.
  • My advice for living happily ever after is to kiss every day.

Well I’d say some of these fifth graders are pretty smart! And some are extremely funny!  Life might not always be the ‘happily ever after’ we imagined as kids, but it can be a pretty great ride with ups and downs and sweet moments to cherish!

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  1. Marykate

      on October 24, 2013 7:00 am

    Priceless and so very very sweet – she will love!!! Best wishes!


  2. Anne Schenendorf

      on October 25, 2013 7:28 am

    Cathy this melted my heart! As a former teacher I can tell you the greatest gift you get is the memories of your students. :) Such sweet advice!!!! Some of them had me howling laughing at 6:30 am. 😉 I agree, I love the spelling mistakes.


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