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The Good Stuff Guide is not paid or compensated to review items. I choose things that I feel confident you readers will just love.  Period.  Once items are chosen, I will occasionally set up agreements with the companies to receive a commission from any sales resulting from this website’s review.  A list of these relationships are identified here.

So do you make any money?

I earn a little money through my affiliate partners.  It’s peanuts, really.  But it helps to defray some of the cost for website hosting and postage for giveaways.  I’ll certainly let you know if it’s ever enough to buy my next minivan.  If you do see something on the site that you decide to purchase, I would ever so appreciate it if you’d “click through” from here.


Giveaways usually run 5 business days, and I choose the winner using the random integer generator at the day after.

It’s wicked expensive to ship overseas, so you need to be a US or Canadian resident (it’s not personal).  If you don’t have access to the internet (which makes me wonder how you’re reading this), contact me and I’m happy to give you a fax number.

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