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Brilliant Author Series: Cheryl Harness

August 6, 2009

I need to disclose that I love U.S. History.  Eat it up.  Devour it.

And I find there is no better way to learn about our nation (or anything, for that matter) than children’s books.  I don’t need 500 page manuscripts spewing theories.  I like good, informative, illustrated, fun picture books.

Perhaps, I have a short attention span…

Oh, and the adorables learn a great deal too.

Several months ago, Team Farmer was visiting Mount Vernon, George Washington’s illustrious home.  I had to get to the gift shop because I knew there would be fabulous books that I hadn’t seen yet.

And there she was (not in person, mind you): Cheryl Harness with her brilliant children’s biography of George Washington.

And I met her again at the Smithsonian bookstores in D.C. with her series on our presidents.

And then I returned home and scoured Amazon and found her show-stopping chapter books, with a timeline on every page for readers to conceptualize what was also happening at the time. (Sorry I had to shorten the titles below – they wouldn’t fit! Here they are in full: The Remarkable Rough-Riding Life of Theodore Roosevelt and the Rise of Empire America, The Tragic Tale of Narcissa Whitman and a Faithful History of the Oregon Trail, and The Groundbreaking, Chance-Taking Life of George Washington Carver and Science and Invention in America.)

And I’ve been reading ever since. Ms. Harness’ books are marvelous: well-written, wonderfully illustrated, rich in historical detail. In short, she has created works of art.


George Washington

George Washington
A riveting portrait of just the right man to found our nation.


The Remarkable Benjamin Franklin

Ben Franklin
An old whipper-snapper who crammed 6 lives of productivity into one.


The Revolutionary John Adams

John Adams
A hard-working man, with a fabulous wife!


Thomas Jefferson

Thomas Jefferson
A mild-mannered Southerner with abundant talent.


Young Abe Lincoln : The Frontier Days

Young Abe Lincoln
Raised in a log cabin. Self taught. President. Pretty impressive.


Abe Lincoln Goes to Washington

Abe Lincoln
Simply said, Honest Abe had much on his plate during his presidency.


Young Teddy Roosevelt

young Teddy Roosevelt
Did you know Teddy was sickly and had severe asthma? He worked so hard to become who he was.


The… Life of Theodore Roosevelt and… Empire America

Teddy Roosevelt chapter
A full blown chapter book, richly illustrated, packed with facts.


… Narcissa Whitman and… the Oregon Trail

Narcissa Whitman
Another chapter: the best history of the Oregon Trail I’ve ever read. And I love reading about the Oregon Trail.


The… Life of…Carver and Science and Invention…

Carver came from so little and achieved so much.


Remember the Ladies: 100 Great American Women

64 pages of women who contributed to our great American history.

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