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Outdoor Mud Kitchens

July 24, 2012

Outdoor Mud Kitchens

Written by Cathy Baker, mom of two amazing girls, from Missouri

I sure wish I’d seen this idea when my girls were smaller – I SO would have done this! Oh we cooked up dandelion soup often and made mud pies (although looking back, I wish we’d made a few more!), but I like the idea of having an entire space/kitchen area for them to create and get messy.  So here are a few inspiration ideas to create a space for you little ones to cook up some of their own imaginary concoctions!

Oh, it looks delicious! Lots of fun ideas at Rhythm of the Home blog.


Gather odds and ins from around your house and put them in one place.


I like the neat/clean look of this set-up and yet, it would still be easy enough to spray down after the mud pies are finished baking. {Source: Like Bumblebees}


A few kid toys, a few crates, a few kitchen gadgets…I imagine hours of creativity when you add a bit of water and dirt! {Source: Tinker Lab}


Here’s one more ‘mud kitchen’ from Joyful Home blog. Don’t you think kids would just love these places…the invitation to create, to get messy?!

Since I missed out on this fun with my own girls, I hope my brain ‘tucks away’ this idea for when I’m a grandma one day so I can experience all this fun with my grandkids!

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