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Siri-ious Fun

April 9, 2014

Written by Marykate O’Malley, mother of three wonderful children, Gladwyne PA


It’s been a while friends. I have been busy with a flurry of fun turning 40 celebrations (yay!) and what else, let’s see strep throat (x 2), ear infections, stomach bugs, weird hip things (not yay). But here we are. And it was 60 in Philadelphia today so things can’t be that bad. And then, this evening, my oldest and I discovered something siri-ously fun. Siri fun!

It went something like this – to Siri – “I’m hungry”. Siri replied “I don’t want you feeling all puckish. You can ask me to make you a reservation at one of these places fairly close to you.” What??? We were hooked. Like fraud examiners, like stealthy corporate interviewers, we started to fire questions into my iphone at a dizzying speed.

Us – I’m tired.

Siri – Nothing wrong with being tired or sleepy

Us – Help me, I’m tired.

Siri – I can tell you where to find coffee.

Us – Can you make it?

Siri – I cannot.

Us – Why?

Siri – I don’t know. Frankly I’ve wondered that myself.

Us – You can try.

Siri – If you say so. (this is my phone)


We try a new line of questioning.

Us – How old are you?

Siri – I am not allowed to answer that question. (savvy, pleading the fifth)

Us – What is your name?

Siri – Siri, pleased to meet you. (points = good manners)

Us – What is your favorite food?

Siri – I am fine with whatever you choose. (points = thoughtful)

Us – Pizza.

Siri – I found 15 places fairly close to you.

Us – What is your favorite movie?

Siri – I really don’t have one but 2001 Space Odyssey got good reviews.

Us – What gender are you?

Siri – I am not sure we have time for this (what does that mean?)

Us – Who is Marykate? (new topic)

Siri – Here is the contact info Marykat (which is how Siri says my name. Siri-ously I would think you could get my name right. Being that you are a smart phone and all.)

Us – Who is  your master? (duh, like we have to ask)

Siri – I guess I don’t have one. (wrong answer Siri!)

Us – Can you make my wishes come true?

Siri – I can’t.

Us – Why?

Siri – I don’t know. Frankly I have wondered that myself.


I always wanted a genie in a smart phone. Maybe the iphone 6. Then we went for the jugular – smarts.


photo (1)

Last night- Siri fun!


Us – Why is the sky blue?

Siri – Nailed it. I don’t even remember she said but there was a lot of text and something about reflection which I did know. In case you were wondering.

And then….

Us – What is the largest ocean?

Siri – The Pacific Ocean. (won’t lie – I did not know that. Don’t judge.)

Us – ha ha ha

Siri – hee hee hee (not.even.kidding.)

Us – What is the most populated country in the world?

Siri – China (knew this!)

Us – How old is planet earth?

Siri – 4.54 billion years old (I knew it was something like that. We go to a lot of natural history museums.)

Smallest animal? She knew. Largest? Knew it. Planets? Check.


Some interviewers use behavioral questioning techniques. Us? After we had Siri warmed up with her guard down we just went for it.


Us – Who are you?

Siri – I am Siri but I don’t like talking about myself. (suspicious. She is hiding something)

Us – Where do you come from?

Siri – I was designed by Apple in California.

Us – An apple you eat?

Siri – I do not partake of your human comestibles. (whatttt??)

Us – Are you trapped in my phone? (my daughter looked at me worried. I smiled and shook my head no.)

Siri – I can’t answer that. (my daughter’s brow furrows)

Us – Do you need help getting out of my phone?

Siri – A fine question now can we get back to work. (clever Siri, clever, the work hook).

Us – Who put you in my phone?

Siri – Here is what I found… and then from wikipedia a “my phone” description.


When I first got my iphone and showed my son Siri he asked, “Mom, is that a robot”? Little did he know this is my fantasy. Like Rosie from the Jetson’s my own personal robot who responds to commands, runs errands for me, some light housework. I am hoping Apple has that in their product pipeline. Now that would make my wishes come true.


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1 Comment »

  1. Cathy

      on April 9, 2014 1:29 pm

    We love asking Siri questions too! She Siri-ously makes me laugh. Sometimes I pull it out and ask her questions (when I subbing) that the kids are asking and I don’t know answer too. I’m slightly fearful she may replace me in my job! Ha! She is quite spectacular!


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