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Slug Bug Red

July 3, 2014

written by Cathy Baker, mom of two daughters, living life in the Ozarks of Missouri

vw bug

Did you ever play Slug Bug as a kid? You know, the game where you find a volkswagon beetle and then slug someone because you found it?  My sis and I got plenty of bruised arms playing this one! :)

Well, if you are travelling this fourth of July, you might want to play a revised version of this game to pass the time.  We usually do parents against kids, or we divide the car left and right side for teams.  (Because it’s always better to have someone on your team!)

We’ve ditched the slugging and now just keep points. Note, you have to call the car and state the color- i.e., “Cruiser Bruiser Silver”.

Here’s how you get points: 

  • Slug Bugs (VW Beetle): 1 point
  • Slug Bug Old-fashioned: 3 points
  • Smart Car: 5 points
  • Cruiser Bruiser (PT Cruiser): 1 point
  • Motorcycle Cop: 10 points

You can also lose points:

  • If you call an HHR instead of a Cruiser Bruiser (so you have to learn the difference! The back on the HHR is square, it’s slanted on PT Cruiser).
  • If you call any car that is not one of these.

Every time the car shuts off, the game starts over! This lets those losing get excited about playing again.

My girls mostly play this around town, and I keep thinking after 5 years of playing it, they’d be tired of it, but not yet.  I’m sure one day I’ll be playing with my grandkids. I wonder what kind of cars they will have then!

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