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Summer Dance Party

July 12, 2009

The music to get your adorables up and moving, and this stuff won’t make you crazy.  Well, as crazy…

1)     5128GZZR45L._SL500_AA240_
Welcome to Ralph’s World

The Running Man’s parents have a cottage on a lake in Michigan.  On the lake is their boat and we had this playing nonstop a couple summers back.  One of my favorite memories is watching Running Man get his groove on for our adorables, and it made me laugh so hard and want to kiss him all at the same time.

2)     51-2JL2TbCL._SL500_AA240_
Here Come The 123s [CD/DVD]

Some parents think this CD teaches their adorables math.  I’m not sold on this theory, but it’s just good music and that makes it great.

3. 61rDrQVk0RL._SL500_AA240_
Choo Choo Soul [CD/DVD]

I don’t care who you are, Genevieve’s version of the ABC’s ROCKS. Lots of catchy, rhythmic tunes on this one – you will not be disappointed.

4. 61EmSdncXaL._SL500_AA240_
House Party

Dan Zanes has a groovy sound: kind of folksy and perfect for dancing. Reminds me of Blues Traveler. And I like Blues Traveler.

Let me know if you have others, and how you use music in your house. I’m looking for ideas – especially for “witching hour” which occurs from 4:30pm to 6:00pm at our house.

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