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A to Z Summer Fun

April 1, 2014

written by Cathy Baker, the luckiest mom (in the whole wide world) to two very sweet tweens

Long before I actually started writing for the Good Stuff Guide, Heidi came across my A to Z Summer Fun on my own blog and asked if she could share the idea here with the Good Stuff Guide readers!  I was thrilled she loved my idea so much, and gladly let her share it! (You can read original article here if you’d like.)

One of my dreams/passions is to encourage healthy families. It’s part of the reason I love writing for the Good Stuff Guide so much, as I’m able to share my ideas with all of you sweet readers!  Not only do I strive to have my own healthy family, I so want others to share in the same joy! Sometimes in the busy-ness of life, we can forget to just laugh, enjoy and spend time with those we love the most!

For the past 4 summers my family has had fun with this A to Z Summer Fun idea! Basically, I’ve taken the 26 letters of the alphabet and created 26 days of fun, with each day starting with a different letter of the alphabet!  My girls (now ages 11 & 12) are already looking forward to this coming summer’s A to Z fun, and this makes me smile!

ebook cover FINAL

Well, why keep all this fun to ourselves, when in this day and age we can share it with others?!

So yesterday, a dream of mine came true.  I published my first ebook on amazon!! Click here to check it out, A to Z Summer Fun: Ideas to Inspire Family Fun!

In this ebook, I share hundreds of A to Z ideas (so you don’t have to think of all of them on your own!)! It is adaptable for preschool-age through young-teens, to help you create a summer filled with lots of fun and laughter!  This would also be a great book if you are planning a stay-cation during spring break or the summertime! or just some great ideas for adding a little fun to your weekends!

I hope you check it out, and it inspires the beginning of some great memories for your family!

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